“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will” George Bernard Shaw

Americana Telecaster

(work in progress)

With as rippling American flag and Bald Eagle, this telecaster is designed to pay tribute to old America.

The guitar is carved in poplar, painted with Unicorn Spit, then filled with Glass Cast Epoxy Resin. This maintains the weight of the guitar whilst still allowing the 3 dimensional aspect of the carving.

Autumn Leaves Telecaster

Available for sale £1300

Taking inspiration from the “Autumn Leaves” jazz tune, this telecaster has been carved, painted with Unicorn Spit and then filled with Glass Cast epoxy resin. This gives the benefit of having the beautiful carving but maintaining a very smooth exterior and having little affect on the weight of the body. The edge of the guitar is smoothed down to a sleeker Stratocaster finish, making it a very tactile instrument.

The body of this telecaster is carved from poplar, with the neck being in maple with a rosewood fret board. The signature inlay on the headstock is in tortoiseshell. Seymour Duncan pickups and Wilkinson bridge plate and pots finish this guitar to an exemplary standard.

Chinese Dragon S-type

Available for sale £900

Designed to show the use of hollow carving, this Chinese dragon design is made from bass wood. This is quite a light wood, and with the amount carved out led to a light weight guitar. Although this provides a slightly more acoustic sound, around 70% of the tone comes from the neck and so these was no detrimental effect. The neck on this guitar is maple with maple fret board. In-lays of tortoise shell on the head stock give even more distinction to this very unusual guitar.

The body of the guitar is painted with Unicorn Spit and gilded with copper leaf accents, giving a visually striking finish.

Swamp Ash S-type


This guitar was designed as a wedding gift from the client to her new husband. Each element in the design was chosen due to a significant meaning to the couple, from the Native American Wolf and feather representing the location of their wedding in Idaho, to the roses included to represent a dearly departed loved one. The irregular outline of the guitar emphasised the specific elements, and the satin varnish used enhanced the beautiful grain of the swamp ash. A personalised engraving was included on the inside of the bridge cover on the back of the guitar.

The Freedom Collection

Designed to give a little inspiration, these paintings are only an idea of what can be achieved. If you like any elements from these designs, they can be included in your guitar in a number of different ways

World Wide Inspiration

Previous Commissions

Guitars haven’t always been the speciality here at Secret Swan. Take a look at some of the previous commissions that have been completed. Please get in touch if you are interested in discussing a potential commission

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