“Use your imagination to visualise what may be, not what it is. Then set your goals, take action and make what you imagined a reality” Catherine Pulsifer

Designing a custom guitar is a collaborative process. Whether it’s a single image you are interested in, or a combination, I can design a guitar which you are sure to love.

We start with the type of guitar you would like, choosing from Telecaster, Stratocaster, Les Paul or Bass. Then we have to decide on the pickup configuration you would like. This gives us a basic shape and in which the carving has to sit.


Once the general design is decided, we can consider colour or natural wood, depth of carving, carved finish or resin filled and if you want a standard or irregular outline to the guitar. Examples of these different options can be viewed in the completed guitars.

The depth of carving and choice to include resin will greatly impact the choice of wood being used for the body. The more weight that is removed through carving, the heavier we will want the starting block of wood to weigh. While the look of the guitar is really important, it should never negatively affect the quality of sound that is produced from the final product. This issue can be mitigated by the use of resin as this adds weight back into the body.


The initial consultation and design process comes with no obligation. If you do decide to go ahead with a design, please be aware that the average time for a guitar to be completed is 12 weeks, depending on complexity of the design and current workload. If you are working to a tighter timescale please let me know in advance as I would hate for you to be disappointed.

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